Lace IT b.v., our Umbrella company for all our services!

Welcome to Lace IT b.v.

We were founded september 1st 2016 and are ready to take on the world. Our core business revolves around the shift from brick and mortar sales to online sales.

Our vision is that most consumer facing sales will shift away from traditional in-store sales towards online and become 100% e-sales. This dot on the horizon offers many opportunities and many threats! We aim to solve both!

Therefore, we established our company. We want to gain insight into online sales and journey to the cloud, and at the same time understand the risks and challenges that poses this journey. By gaining a better understanding, we aim to provide better solutions and adoption for our customers.

Our mission is twofold; First we establish our own B2C online storefront and gain the insights that limit businesses in transforming towards online presence. Second, we identity the gaps and challenges that pose as an obstacle for business to adopt an online B2C presence. These insights will be used to form labels that drive point solutions to better serve our B2B customers.

Stay tuned as we progress our business forward!